Thursday, March 30, 2006


Birth Day boys Otto and Ethan grab some lunch before the cake. The big party was held at the Pri Pri Cafe in Albany. Such a cool place for parents and kids that need good food and toys.

Ahhh.... Ethan and his parents enjoy the grub.

Otto and Ethan made a double B-Day wish. Wonder what they wished for? Maybe clean diapers? No more colds? I think Ethan wanted Otto's binky. Otto might have wanted Tita Trish to put his face on the cake....hmmm could be...?

A trip down to Santa Barbara/ dinner at Great Grandm Jean's house.

Grandpa Paul tries to catch some winks, but Otto is going to put an end to that!

Here's Otto with one of his Grandmas (Janet) and his Great Grandma Jean.

More S.B. photos from March 2006

Grandpa Paul pushed Otto around on his new tricycle at the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate. That kid is lucky to have such a cool family buisness to drive around in.

Grandma Janet and Great Grandma Jean took Otto to the big cool kid's park downtown. He liked the cement Great White shark and the wood chips.

Otto with the Great White shark.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Dad was working, so we ran down to S.B. for the weekend to get out of his hair.

Uncle Parry and his Cheese Art.

Auntie Susan was magic and got Otto to take an afternoon nap.

Gnomes are for eat'n!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We are nearing Otto's first birth day, so here are more old pictures.

Otto as a two month old sausage. Those cloth diapers were HUGE!

Ethan and Otto were friends even when they were only two months old! They are six days apart in age.

Way back when...

Judy Ballinger stopped by a few weeks after Otto was born to see how he liked his new family. Judy was the Dula that helped with Otto's birth.

Orson really liked the "My Breast Friend" breast feeding pillow. He thought it was called "Man's best friend" pillow. Oh well.

Ethan and Otto back in the summer of 2005

Here's Ethan and Otto with the Dads at UC Berkeley playing on the lawn. They were seven months old....

From the old photo file

Hey, it's Arvin and Patricia with Otto at our favorite hamburger joint: "The Smoke House!" Otto was maybe six months old here.